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“Better to lock out that electricity than drop out of this world.”

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Spart Eectricians Ltd

Was established in 2012 and received its name a year later. The first two letters SP are initials of one the founders of the company Sergii Pyvovarov. The other three letters ART were also taken from the name of the founder Artiom Murashov. Tish way the name of the company SPART Electricians was formed.

The company was officially registred in August 2013. The logo featured on our vans was purchased recently in the middle of 2016. The artwork was executed by a young man from Russia.

For this short period of time we have managed to build up a fairly large client base, great reputation and indispensable experience. In additional to the high quality of work our teams stands out for efficiency and punctuality that are known to be especially prized in such a city as London, where our office is located. In spite of the age of our company it has extensive experience in electrical industry, as all members of our stuff are highly experience in this field.


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